Akatarawa House


The Butterfly House is based upon the desire to camp year round in luxury, the clients wanted to live in a home that filled the needs of a maturing and extended family.
Akatarawa Valley north of Wellington, New Zealand is the ideal location, close to the Hutt River but not far from the city.
Simple timeless materials like schist and cedar embrace the semi rural lifestyle that this home is situated within, despite being 450m2 this large house is dwarfed by the landscape around.

South Wairarapa Home


South Wairarapa, New Zealand.
A 415m2 house with 180m2 of decking on a single level provides large spaces and great potential for creating different zones for living. In this regard the house was divided into areas for entertaining, living, guest lodging and because it is a farmhouse, a work area was vital for the client to be able to meet with their various farm managers with out effecting everyday life.
The setting is an established section that had an existing farmhouse on it so this was also taken into consideration when setting the position of the building on the site.

Mandalay House


Near completion, Mandalay House is a 320m2 home in Khandallah Wellington.With Schist veneer, Weatherboard, Plaster and Metal cladding, construction was a challenge but well worth the effort as this is a home that has views, sun,outdoor living the year round and privacy an entertainers paradise with a grand 10 meter entry void with glass bridge and lift.