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Like on all our studio MWA projects site context is one of the most influential elements in overall design. We strongly believe that each and every design comes from mix of ideas combining unique final result. Lots of research we put in each and every design and we always try to collect as much as possible information to be able to address & find the best solution for clients brief.

Weatherstone Family settled on the site in 1830 and is one of the oldest farming families in the area.
Approaching us to design their final dream home was a huge responsibility and challenge but fascinating old site with established trees some over 100 years old remote position fantastic opportunity for good orientation relatively easy access and non standard brief really catch my attention. Working with the client to accommodate requirements for everyday life in future and in same time as big farm owner be able to run business from home made project little bit more complex.

Clients comment given to LIFTIME DESIGN® magazine - published in the United Kingdom Europe the United State Australia and New Zealand the best illustrate client satisfaction with completed Project:

“I use wheelchair as result of an accident. We engaged an architect to design a home that would meet my unique needs allow me to live at home as I aged give me full access to inside and outside and be equally comfortable and functional for my family. Hallways doors and spaces are wide allowing an easy 360 – degree turn with wheelchair. All around the house decks are at same level as the concrete driveway entrance. There are ramps to lower level decks with build in garden boxes. This home doesn’t say ‘disability’. Anyone could move in and live here – they’d love it” Mr. Phillip Blundell
Sites like this are a dream. Quite often you have the feeling you are living away from the rest of the world being hugged by nature. The fantastic view total privacy site approach is from about 75 m above the site its proximity to the River are just some of details that make the site special. Being located just on the edge of the 100 year flood zone; it's a natural amphitheater with bush surrounding hills in close proximity. From the start a decision was made to slightly elevate the site further.


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